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Experience You Can Count On

Dr. Fan is a PhD chemist, with a successful track record of developing and deploying materials for extreme environments.  She has over 20 years experience in R&D and product development at Stanford, NASA Ames and SpaceX.  She specializes in the creative use of chemistry, polymer, composites and nanotech as tools to design, develop, and scale up advanced high performance materials.


While at NASA Ames (2001-2012), Dr. Fan functioned as a PI on a variety of interdisciplinary research projects ranging from organic synthesis, polymer nanocomposites to thermal protection materials.  With both her own research and insights from the pioneers and experts at Ames, she became a world leading expert on ablative materials for thermal protection.


Drawn by the vision, challenges and the dynamic environment, she joined SpaceX in 2012 focusing on materials development.  Over the course of a few years with a limited budget, she helped to develop some of the company’s most important materials innovations, which resulted in flight products successfully used in critical areas of spacecrafts.  These include a family of novel insulation materials that protected Falcon 9 during re-entry and enabled its reusability, the state-of-the-art primary heatshield material for Crew Dragon capsule, and a new resin system that drastically improved the performance and reliability of the composite overwrap pressure vessels for cryogenic liquids.

She left SpaceX in February 2019 to start Metis Materials Inc. so she can offer her expertise to help the aerospace and materials community at large.

We named our company after Metis, the Greek goddess of wisdom and the mother of Athena.  According to Wikipedia, "The Stoic commentators allegorized Metis as the embodiment of prudence, wisdom or wise counsel."

Selected Publications and Conference Talks

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