Our Services

  • Troubleshooting and root cause analysis 
  • Materials technology assessment 
    • Selection of materials, concepts and technical approaches
  • Product development
    • Conceptual design
    • Feasibility evaluation
    • Rapid iteration / optimization
      • Rationale based matrix studies and streamlined testing 
      • Data analysis and process-structure-property correlations
  • Scaling up / production
    • Materials and process specifications
    • Raw materials evaluation and sourcing strategies

Core areas of expertise

  • High temperature / thermal protection materials, including C-C/C-SiC, ablative materials, lightweight reusable insulation, and many other unique and high performance materials
  • High temperature chemistry / ablation / thermal management
  • Lightweight, toughened carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites
  • Formulation of advanced polymer resins and adhesives for extreme temperatures
  • Silicone polymer chemistry and applications
  • Design and synthesis of organic and polymer molecules, including unique and challenging preceramic polymers
  • Application of nanotechnology to a variety of materials systems and interfaces
  • Technical/project management in chemistry, materials and process development

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